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Self-Assessment Tools

Self-assessment gives us the opportunity to take control of the changes we want to make in our lives. Self-assessment helps us look at ourselves or our lives to decide how we want to focus our attention and efforts.

Change starts with knowledge or awareness. Self-assessment can be both challenging and affirming. The challenges come when we look at things we really would rather avoid. Self-assessment is affirming when we are able to validate what we know about ourselves.

Some of the self-assessment tools found here have been modified from other survey tools. But most are based on practical efforts to help people help themselves make changes in their lives. Take a look at the different tools listed below by clicking on the link provided.


Complete them one at a time, giving yourself a chance to reflect in between. It’s also helpful to talk to others (whom you trust) about your quiz results as they may also be able to provide new perspectives or validation.

Retirement Readiness Quiz

This self-assessment quiz is asking you to rate how much you have considered and planned for key aspects of a fulfilling life in retirement.

If you rated yourself 70 or above this indicates a fairly high level of readiness, which means there is greater likelihood of you leading a life you will love in retirement. Our suggestion: keep re-evaluating, learning and begin now to try out some of the big and little things you want to build into your life in retirement. This time before retiring can be your ‘test-drive.’

If you rated yourself under 70 then you would benefit from more in-depth self-assessment and planning. To do this, consider attending the four-session Retirement Lifestyle Planning webinar program that will be offered by The Retired You. It will provide you with dedicated time for self-exploration, learning and planning.

For more information or to learn about upcoming Retirement Lifestyle Planning workshops and webinars, contact Dr. Sue Hutchinson:

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