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Need to Know

This page offers some tools and resources you can use to reflect on your life and preparation for retirement. Although they are listed in my suggested order, feel free to complete them however you like!

This tool will help you identify your personal perception of leisure's value in your life, and of your ability to achieve the goals you make in your recreational pursuits. This is a great activity to start you off on your new journey in exploring retirement!

Having reflected on your values, needs, strengths and barriers, this worksheet will let you take what you’ve learned about yourself and create a plan of action towards your best retired life!

This inventory will help you assesses resources relevant to retirement well-being. When filling it think about what you are already good at and what can be improved. Feel free to seek our help to interpret the results.​

Based on the fact that many people will overestimate how much they need to feel positive about their retired life, this worksheet will help you begin to get a true handle on your financial needs and lifestyle choices

Some of us may feel that we have a pretty good understanding of our personal values and needs. After all, we’ve gone our whole lives and careers living with them! However, if we take a moment to reflect on where we are in our lives right now, and what our current needs are as we head into retirement, we might realize that some values we have always identified ourselves with don’t necessarily align with our current outlook on life. This worksheet will have you take a minute to reflect on the values you hold today.

This worksheet will direct you to some online resources and questionnaires. The second page is a 'strengths inventory' that can help you identify your strengths and values in life and leisure, and how those strengths might come into play as you prepare for a life you’ll love in retirement.

This worksheet gets you looking at the barriers you face to living a life you love. It also challenges you to look at those barriers and think, is this something that’s really holding me back or is it something I’ve convinced myself I can’t overcome when I can?

We gain a lot when we enter retirement, but there are things we are bound to miss as we transition from a full time career. This exercise will let you think about the things you might miss and the things that you’ll gain from this transition.

This inventory offers a list of potential activities you might enjoy in retirement. Thinking on your needs, strengths, values and barriers, what activities are of interest to you?

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